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Mission, Vision and Ethical Charter

Ethical Charter


We advise, engineer, import and supply professional (industrial) centrifugal and positive displacement pumps since 1994 and deliberately choose to do this in an ethical, transparent and fair manner with an emphasis on pump technology. We distinguish ourselves by our extensive experience and professional knowledge, but also in particular by our responsiveness and open and honest way of communication. Our small team of professionals is able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer questions.


We would like to become and remain "essential" for our customers. They are constantly the center of our attention. By listening carefully to the needs, focusing on product selection and / or service quality and then responding and communicating quickly, we guarantee to remain the point of reference for our customers. By responding quickly, decisively and fully to the wishes of our customers, we want to increase our market position with our innovative products and services and to increase the reputation of both IB-Pumps and the brands we represent. Professionals are able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer questions.

Customer oriented

Customers are our constant focus. The main point is to build with them and transform for them through a path of listening, collaboration, professionalism and availability into excellent high quality products and services to their expectations. Our goal is to surprise our customer positively, to always be competitive and to be an example for fellow companies.

We value the people who work for and with us, they take care of the company

Our colleagues (internal and external) are important links in the chain, with whom we want to give a sense of belonging, so that everyone experiences their workplace as their "own" place. Sharing business success means identifying with business needs, leading to inheriting the same passion and drive from the one doing business. Teamwork and mutual trust are the foundations on which the success of our company is based and lead to the satisfaction of the people who work for and with us.

Seeing change as an opportunity

The tendency to change through new ideas and solutions must go hand in hand with valuable projects to enable both growth and retention of business assets.

We pay attention to the environment and the sustainable development of the company

Our goal is to work responsibly and to prove that the success of our company can be combined with sustainability and care for the environment, both inside and outside the company. We want to guarantee the well-being of the people who work with and for our company, with attention to the impact on the environment.